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Projects we took part in:

IVANA A & ANNAMARIA A Platforms - Preparation of workshop documentation for instalation of additional accommodation cabins and one for recreation Client: Tehnokom, Croatia


Structural and piping workshop documentation preparation and elaboration for instalation of additional accomodation containers on platforms Ivana A and Annamaria A.

CALIPSO Platform - Preparation of analysis report Client: Proeco, Italy


Structural stress analysis of entire platform after installation of new extensions. Preparation of analysis report.

STERN TRAWLER - 3D outfitting in AVEVA Marine Client: NAVIS Consult, Croatia


AVEVA Marine 3D modeling and outfitting for stern trawler.

Sabratha platform - New structural extension for maritime security system Client: Proeco, Italy


Design of new structural extensions for the installation of new maritime security systems. Stress analysis of new extensions and surrounding structures. Preparation of analysis report for new structure. Preparation of detailed procedures for dismantling of existing structures and erection of new ones.

Guendalina platform - Documentation preparation for SIMOPS Client: Proeco, Italy


Design of piping adaptation for Guendalina platform during SIMOPS.
Preparation of general arrangements, piping isometrics and piping supports.

Jack up Platform LABIN - Arranging of stockman office and MCC Client: CROSCO Naftni servisi d.o.o., Croatia


Instalation works of new insulation, wall panel and ceiling for the platform MCC room and stockman office.

Jack up Platform LABIN - Modification and construction of steel helideck substructure
Client: CROSCO Naftni servisi d.o.o., Croatia

2014 / 2015

Preparation of structural workshop drawings and technical documentation required for organization, management and execution for modification of existing and construcion of new steel helideck substructure. On site management, supervision and execution of works.

IVANA K Platform - Booster compresor system - skid structure
Client: Inagip d.o.o. / Tehnokom d.o.o., Croatia


Preparation of structural workshop drawings and material list for installation of new gas booster compressor skid.

Cable Enterprise - Support design and load out/in manual for AFT section
Client: Prysmian group / VIKTOR LENAC d.d., Croatia


Supports design for new AFT section, weight 1.000 tonnes for the cable layer vessel, manual and procedure for the AFT section load out on barge and load in on the Dock 11 in V. Lenac Yard.

Transocean Arctic III & Prospector 1 - Structural analysis and design
Client: SEMCO, UK


New gooseneck platform design for Transocean Arctic III semi-submersible drilling rig, hose hanger platforms, hull structural reinforcement, design and analysis on the Prospector 1 jack up drilling rig platform.

Chemical injection package for P75 / P77 FPSO units - Piping & structural 3D modeling & detailing
Client: PETROBRAS / Proeco, Italy


AVEVA PDMS 3D modeling and design of structure and piping for chemical injection skids for P75 / P77 FPSO platforms.

Chemical injection package for FPSO unit - Piping & structural 3D modeling & detailing
Client: Modec / Proeco, Italy


AVEVA PDMS 3D modeling and design of structure and piping for chemical injection skids for FPSO platforms.

Gas turbine package module - Structural 3D modeling & detailing
Client: Nuovo Pignone / Meccano Engineering, Italy


TEKLA 3D modeling and design of structural parts for the module for gas turbine package, L=56 m. Preparation of detailed structural drawings.

IKA B Platform - New wellhead flowline piping & structure documentation
Client: Inagip / STSI d.d., Croatia


Piping and structure 3D modeling for documents preparation for the new wellhead flowline installation. Preparation for the drilling rig Labin.

ANNAMARIA A / IKA A Platforms - Documentation for SIMOPS
Client: Inagip / Tehnokom Croatia, Annamaria A / IKA A Platforms


Documentation preparation for modification works, SIMOPS on existing platforms. 3D modeling and several structure works for the SIMOPS. Preparation for the drilling rig Labin.

IKA JZ Platform - Workshop, lifting, HTC, load out documentation for platform construction
Client: Inagip / Viktor Lenac d.d.; Rosetti d.o.o., Croatia

2013 / 2014

Structural and workshop documentation preparation for jacket and deck structure for gas production platform. Preparation of workshop isometrics.

Lifting and methods drawings for jacket and deck construction. Technological scheme and construction procedures elaboration. Preparation of jacket and deck Load out procedure.
Elaboration and HTC piping test procedures.

HABSHAN 5 plant - Commissioning and Start Up


Participation of our inspectors as commissioning superintendent at Habshan-5 plant (SRU-TGT-AGR-TEG) Commissioning and Start Up on a project.

CERVIA B & BARBARA B Platforms - Structural documentation for revamping activities
Client: ENI / Proeco, Italy


Preparation of structural documents for modification on existing platforms, revamping activities. Design documentation for new deck extensions. Strucutral analysis reports.

TUBA & ZUBAIR 1 Depots - Structural & piping 3D modeling & design documentation
Client: South Oil Company / Endeco / Proeco, Iraq / Italy


Structural and piping 3D modeling and design documentation for the new crude oil turbo pump units for pumping stations that includes line list, MTO (Material Take Off), plot plans, piping arrangements, isometrics, support arrangements and support details.

Island D - KASHAGAN Project - Pre-commissioning activities
Client: AGIP KCO / PROGER / Proeco, Kazakhstan

2012 / 2013

Participation of our inspectors in pre-commissioning activities for project mechanical completion.

SAMPSON - New stinger structural workshop documentation
Client: Viktor Lenac d.d./ ZAFIRO, Croatia


SAMPSON Structural workshop drawings for new stinger added on Sampson vessel.
Construction Yard layouts and temp. supports drawings.

ASPF2 & ASPF 3 Platforms - Structural & piping workshop documentation
Client: Serept / Proeco SRL, Tunisia


Preparation of structural documentation, lifting and skidding arrangements for modification works for ASHTART revamping project. Strucutral analysis reports.

PANDORA - NAOMI Platform - Structural and piping documentation
Client: ENI / Proeco SRL, Italy

2011 / 2012

Preparation of structural and piping project and workshop documentation for platform revamping and modification project. Strucutral analysis reports.

GTM P80 GAS TREATMENT MODULE - Piping isometrics & supports workshop documentation
Client: CONOCO PHILLIPS / Rosetti, Italy

2011 / 2012

Preparation of piping workshop isometrics and piping supports for module

ASPF2 & ASPF 3 Platforms - Piping workshop documentation
Client: Serept / Rosetti SPA, Tunisia

2011 / 2012

Preparation of piping workshop documentation for modification works for ASHTART revamping project.

GAS SWEETENING MODULE CONSTRUCTION - Project control and detailed engineering
Client: SDE Engineering / Comart Ravenna, Indonesia / Italy


Project control and supervision and detailed engineering documentation for piping on the AGRU – Gas sweetening module construction project.

KASHAGAN Project - Preparation of piping documentation
Client: AGIP KCO / KCOI / Rosetti, Kazakhstan


Preparation of piping isometrics and piping supports for new pig trap skids

IVANA K Platform - Preparation of piping isometrics and supports
Client: Inagip / Tehnokom, Croatia


Preparation of workshop drawings for the extension of deck structures, preparation of piping isometrics / supports for the revamping of TEG regeneration system.

– 3D modeling of dehidration column and all lifting gear for Ivana K platform
– Preparation of documentation for dehidration column lifting and lifting phases

ANNAMARIA A & IZABELA NORTH Platforms - Workshop documentation elaboration & documentation management
Client: Inagip, Croatia

2008 / 2009

Project workshop documentation elaboration and documentation management.

Workshop isometrics for pipeline construction and installation of both deck process modules on “ANNAMARIA A” and “IZABELA NORTH”. HTC procedures for entire pipeline on ANNAMARIA A deck.Technological scheme and construction procedures elaboration. Coordination and surveillance of provisioning services and contractors.

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