New technologies are introduced optimally

In the field of energetics, the company seeks to apply new technologies and technical solutions for increased energy efficiency in accordance with the latest know-how. New technologies are introduced by optimal methods following the required preliminary and detailed technical and financial analyses, thus making customers’ decision-making easier in the implementation of proposed projects.

Services offered in this field are the following:

  • Heating, air conditioning and ventilation of structures and industrial plants
  • Optimization of steam-condensate systems
  • Reconstruction, automation and upgrading of boiler rooms
  • Analysis of the current energy supply system (electrical, heating and cooling energy)
  • Use of absorption cooling systems in buildings
  • Gas pipings, gas pipelines and LPG tanks
  • Cold rooms
  • Technology solutions, evaluations of investment and operating costs, maintenance costs, and
  • investment return – “feasibility” study
  • Cogeneration and trigeneration
  • Design and engineering of ship auxiliary systems and ship HVAC systems
  • Calculations and control calculations of pressure vessels
  • Energy certification of buildings

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