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Founded in 2005, TEKON Ltd. is a Croatian-based company operating in the domestic and foreign markets. We are experts in the design and development of both existing and new plants, particularly offshore oil and gas installations, onshore processing, distribution plants and shipbuilding. The company specializes in mechanical engineering, design of steel structures, pipelines for the oil and gas industry, the HVAC systems in the industry, and building construction.

Our Mission

To provide high-tech, modern solutions in the fields of mechanical engineering, technical consulting, designing and project implementation, while ensuring quality, promptness and competitive prices. In our work, we emphasize sustainability, health, safety and environmental care, putting customer satisfaction at the top of our priorities.

Our Vision

The future of engineering and energetics is as challenging and interesting as ever. By constantly learning and improving our skills, knowledge and tools, we aim to contribute to the innovations and development in these fields, consequently making long-lasting relationships with international clients and partners, while securing our customers’ success and idea realization.

Our Team

Focused on providing high-quality service, our team of talented experts, including engineers, technicians, inspectors and managers, brings your vision and business goals to life. We invest in our employees’ experience and satisfaction, thus ensuring yours.

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